In Luhansk region, even the dead vote in the pseudo-referendum

In the temporarily occupied Alchevsk, Russians take into account the “votes” in the “referendum” of even those who are captured or killed.

According to the information of Luhansk military administration, in order to increase the turnout, employees of “election commissions” accompanied by armed servicemen of the Russian Federation force residents to vote directly in their places of residence. As it is done in other temporarily occupied areas, in particular in the south.

“They stop on the street. To the objection that you don’t have a passport with you, they answer succinctly: “And you don’t need one – we already know you.” They are calling. Employees who refuse to report to the “precinct” are threatened with dismissal. They even find those who left for Russia. They invite you to vote there as well.”

Ukraine’s Resistance Center urges not to leave the house during the “referendum” period and not to open the door to the so-called “electoral commission” members.

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