In the Kherson region, police raid villages in search of those who have not received Russian passports

In the temporarily occupied territories of the Kherson region, the Russians continue their policy of forced passportization.

Thus, the police conduct raids in villages in search of those who refuse to take the enemy’s waste paper. During the “law enforcement” visit to the village, the movements of the local population are restricted.

It should be noted that despite the pressure and repression, the Russians are failing to keep up with the pace of passportization, as local residents refuse to recognize themselves as “Russians”. The occupiers have particularly low rates in villages where residents are less dependent on enemy payments. As a reminder, in the TOT of the south, Russians put pressure on children to receive red waste paper and threatened to deny them sports activities otherwise. Thus, according to the new rules, teenagers who have turned 14 must obtain a Russian passport to be allowed to play sports at a sports school.

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