In the TOT, the shortage of medicines for civilians is exacerbating

Local residents in the temporarily occupied territories do not have access to essential medicines.

Occupation administrations are sending medicines for the treatment of the Russian military.

In general, in the TOT of the south and east of Ukraine, the socio-political and socio-economic situation continues to be assessed as a crisis. In all the occupied territories there is a high level of unemployment, shortage of medicines, and indeed the lack of primary health care. Moreover, lack of products for children, and constant interruptions in the supply of electricity and natural gas. Also, it does not have a sufficient number of professional personnel in the bodies of the occupation administration of the Russian Federation, due to the low level of collaborationism.

As a result, the enemy has no chance to reduce the level of socio-economic tension, since measures to issue so-called Russian social payments under the guise of «humanitarian aid» are not a way to overcome this problem.

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