Invaders continue to transfer workers from Russia to the TOT of Ukraine

The Russians still cannot complete their fake organs in the temporarily occupied territories.

In particular, a “tourer” was sent to the temporarily occupied Berdyansk from the Amur region of the Russian Federation in order to head the “investigative committee” in the city. The next punitive body of the occupiers will be headed by mikhail oleynik from the Russian city of Raichikhinsk.

If the practice of appointing a “leader” from the bodies of the Russian Federation is deliberate for the invaders, then the Russians wanted to recruit the rank-and-file in months. However, the occupation administrations cannot find a sufficient number of collaborators, so they are forced to continue the systematic practice of sending workers from the territory of the Russian Federation to the TOT of Ukraine.

Local resistance makes life difficult for Russians, primarily local Gauleiter, who systematically receive reprimands from the Kremlin for not filling their units. The Center of National Resistance urges the local population not to cooperate with the enemy. 

We remind you that you can report an enemy or a collaborator using the link.

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