Invaders endanger the cultural monuments at TOT

The Russians allowed the “repair and restoration” of cultural and historical objects on TOT to companies without the appropriate licenses.

That is, now the occupation administrations can conclude contracts for the repair of captured monuments to newly created contractors who do not have permits. At the same time, it is prohibited in the Russian Federation itself.

The corresponding order was issued by the Ministry of “Culture” of the terrorist state. It seems that the Kremlin has realized the ephemerality of its dominance over TOT, because the order actually allows gasket companies from the orbit of the “governors” to make money on “repairs” while there is a suitable moment.

We would like to remind you that all cultural and historical monuments are protected by the Law of Ukraine, and after the release of TOT, everyone who vandalized the property of Ukraine will be held responsible.

Anyone can bring the time of deoccupation of the native land closer and bring our victory closer. You can report an enemy or collaborator using the link.

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