Invaders engage civilians from TOT to repair damaged vehicles

During the Ukrainian counteroffensive, the Russian occupation forces lose a significant amount of military equipment.

The invaders are preparing to replenish their losses by decommissioning old weapons. The Russians also lack mechanics who can repair damaged or outdated vehicles. Therefore, the enemy is forcibly engaging specialists in the repair and maintenance of military equipment. In particular, in the temporarily occupied Crimea, the enemy is selecting car mechanics from local service stations.

The National Resistance Center calls on the population in the occupied territories not to cooperate with the occupation administration. If you are forced to work on military equipment under duress or threat to your life and health, we advise you to use the tips on how to disable the invader’s vehicle or how to neutralize an enemy tank.
We also ask you to send information about collaborators and representatives of the Russian occupation forces to our Telegram chatbot.

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