Invaders increase the number of cameras in TOT to fight partisans

Russians have started installing cameras not only in temporarily occupied cities but also on strategic roads.  

The enemy has installed surveillance cameras between Melitopol and Henichesk, fearing the work of the underground during the Ukrainian counteroffensive. The road leads to the temporarily occupied Crimea. 

The invaders continue to have serious problems fighting the Ukrainian underground. That is why they are trying to strengthen counter-sabotage measures in the TOT.

Earlier, the Russians significantly increased the number of cameras in Melitopol, where partisans are active and the occupation administration is located.

The Ukrainian resistance movement closely observes the invader’s every move, so such actions by the Russian aggressor will not affect either the overall plan of the Ukrainian Defense Forces nor the methodical and systematic destruction of the enemy by the resistance movement behind enemy lines.

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