Iranian instructors have been spotted in Belarus

Iranian instructors train russian military and coordinate the launches of Iranian UAVs.

The local underground continues to monitor the situation in Belarus. According to the latest data, the Russians have completely taken control of the air bases in Baranovichi and Lida and continue to use them to carry out attacks on the territory of Ukraine. Meanwhile, in the village of Mykulichi, in the Gomel region, a group of Iranian instructors, officers of the IRGC, who are under the highest protection of the Russian National Guard and FSB officers, have been spotted. According to information from Belarusian partisans, it was these instructors who coordinated the launches of the “Shahed-136” UAV at infrastructure facilities in the Kyiv region and the northern and western regions of Ukraine.

Earlier, thanks to information from the Ukrainian underground at TOT, it was possible to learn about the work of Iranian specialists in the Kherson region.

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