Missile agony of the aggressor

On October 10, the Russians launched dozens of missile strikes on Ukraine, hoping to break our will to resist aggression, but everything turned out differently.

Russia understands that it is losing the war and resorts to open terror. Strikes on energy facilities are missile terrorism because they are aimed at the civilian population, not at military targets.

The occupiers planned to strike civilian targets in winter for greater effect. However, the situation at the front forces the Kremlin to rush to use all “planned crimes” earlier, on emotions, because Moscow has already lost the initiative in this war and is taking steps of desperation, which only accelerates its defeat.

The Russians expected that they would be able to break Ukraine’s will to victory and intimidate us. But already the first hours showed that these are all vain hopes of the Kremlin, and we continue to resist! Millions of hryvnias that Ukrainian sent to the Armed Forces of Ukraine are not just about fundraising, it’s about uniting the country. This is unity against an enemy which we will defeat.

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