Occupants are preparing to completely loot the shipyard in Feodosia

The Russians continue to loot the More shipyard, which is located in the temporarily occupied Feodosia (Crimea).

Despite Russia’s propaganda rhetoric about the “improvements” it is bringing to the occupied lands and the rebuilding of industry, the first thing that happens is that enterprises in the TOT are looted and destroyed.

This is what happened to the More shipyard, where 60% of employees have resigned since 2014, the company’s capacity is less than 20%, and most of the property has been written off by the occupation authorities.

Since 2021, the shipyard has been in the process of bankruptcy, and on 30 July 2023, Aleksey Rakhmanov (head of the United Shipbuilding Corporation) arrived at the enterprise and held a meeting with the puppet authorities to further write off property and terminate the plant’s existence.

Earlier this year, the Russians began closing mines in the temporarily occupied territories, including the Oleksandr Zasyadko mine.

The mines were closed due to a shortage of miners, the inability to upgrade equipment and their unprofitability. In addition to the Zasyadko mine, the Kalynovska-Vostochna and the Skochynskyi mines were closed.

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