Occupants collect data for military registration and enlistment offices during “elections”

In the temporarily occupied territories of the Zaporizhzhia region, the occupiers are using “elections” to collect data on potential recruits in the region.

The enemy is preparing for mobilisation for the TOT in the south and has already created a network of military enlistment offices in the occupied lands of Zaporizhzhia, but this repressive structure has no data.

Therefore, the enemy is using the “elections” to gather information about the male population of the region.

Voting has started today at the “polling stations” and will last until September 10. The male population participating in the voting is actually registering at the same time in Russian military enlistment offices, which are receiving passport data from fake TECs.

It should be noted that the mobilisation of residents of the occupied territories is a violation of international humanitarian law, and those responsible for this crime will be held accountable.

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