Occupants commit violence in the TOT of the Kherson region

A series of successful strikes on the enemy’s rear and successful sabotage and reconnaissance raids by the Ukrainian Defence Forces along the Dnipro River have sharply reduced the morale of the enemy troops.

This is due to the fact that the occupiers pulled the most combat-ready units to the Zaporizhzhia section of the frontline while leaving reserve forces along the Dnipro. Cases of escape and abandonment of positions have become more frequent.

However, deserters also pose a threat to the civilian population, as they are armed and devoid of any moral principles or restrictions. Soldiers and officers of the occupation forces commit crimes, kidnap people to take possession of their material assets, and rape women, including minors.

The National Resistance Centre calls on citizens in the TOT to report crimes committed by the Russian occupation forces. You can send the data to our Resistance.Bot, which will allow us to bring these war criminals to justice.

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