Occupants fail to staff police service in TOT

The Russians are trying to recruit police officers among the locals of the temporarily occupied territories but in vain.

Currently, the occupiers are short-staffed in the TOT in the south, and the enemy is forced to bring in additional “specialists”. To resolve this issue, Moscow ordered the collaborators to conduct additional recruitment of residents to the “police”.

To accomplish this task, the enemy has reduced the requirements for candidates so that one can become a “policeman” without any education and only need an enemy passport. They promise to teach them how to repress Ukrainians later.

It should be noted that in the TOT, the police are only engaged in forced passportization and punitive rounds of settlements to identify the “disloyal population”. This is what makes them legitimate targets for the Resistance Movement.

The National Resistance Center reminds us that you can report an enemy or collaborator here.

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