Occupants from the “United Russia” party run away from Kherson

Kremlin volunteers from “United Russia” who are preparing for the so-called referendum under the cover of humanitarian activities, escaped from temporarily occupied Kherson

The occupiers do not even hide that the reason for the escape is the successful strikes on the Antoniv bridge in Kherson, which supposedly make it impossible to carry out their “humanitarian activities”. It is clear that in fact the Punt party is afraid for their lives because of the counteroffensive operation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

It should not be forgotten that “humanitarian activity” would not have been needed at all if it had not been for the invasion and subsequent occupation by the Russians. However, the solution to the crisis they themselves created is not beneficial for the occupiers, because it is a method of forcing them to “passportize”.

In exchange for food, people are forced to receive the so-called passports of Russia or provide their passport data, which the Kremlin plans to use to organize its so-called “referendum”. It was the preparations for the “legitimization” of the occupation that were carried out by these volunteers from Russia, who were the first to decide to flee when they realized that the “special operation” was not going according to plan, despite the claims of Russian propagandists.

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