Occupants on the TOT have problems with garbage collection due to lack of utility workers

In the temporarily occupied Shakhtarsk (Donetsk region), the occupiers do not remove garbage due to a shortage of utility workers.

Most of the workers were drafted by the occupiers to fight in the war, while others fled the war. Therefore, there is simply no one to remove the garbage. The occupation administration is forced to ask to reduce mobilization plans and send labor.

As a reminder, garbage from Rostov is brought to landfills from the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk Oblast. The enemy is thus solving the problem of overloaded landfills in Russia.

At the same time, the occupiers promised to build two more landfills in the Donetsk region, which should also serve the neighboring Rostov region. The idea to build new landfills was abandoned in Rostov Oblast itself due to the environmental condition of the region.

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