Occupants plan to “legalise” the theft of Ukrainian subsoil in the Donetsk region

In the temporarily occupied territories of the Donetsk region, they are preparing to issue “licences” for mining in the region.

Thus, the occupation administration has adopted a list of minerals for which it is preparing to issue licenses. These include clay, limestone, sand, and more. All these “licences” have no legal force and are intended only to create the illusion of legitimising the robbery of the region, which is already happening.

Earlier, a list of minerals for plunder was created on the TOT of the Zaporizhzhia region. The project of plundering Ukrainian soil is overseen by the Russian Ministry of Nature.

It should be noted that after the de-occupation of the occupied regions of Ukraine, everyone involved in issuing the “licence,”, as well as those who are directly involved in the plunder, will be held accountable against the people of Ukraine.

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