Occupiers appointed a person responsible for brainwashing children in the Kherson region

The occupiers presented the new “Minister of Education” of the temporarily occupied territories of the Kherson region.

Yes, the person who will be responsible for brainwashing Ukrainian children will be Yevgenia Dyementieva, a native of Crimea. The collaborator was educated in Moscow and has communist views.

The traitor does not hide her anti-human values and in fact will be responsible for setting up the propaganda system in the region, which the Russians have brought to disaster. The main task of the occupation schools in the TOT is the destruction of the self-identification of Ukrainian children, that is, the genocide of Ukrainians as a nation.

It should be noted that Dyementieva’s predecessor was arrested by the Russians for embezzlement.

The National Resistance Center reports that not a single member of the occupation administration will escape responsibility for crimes against the Ukrainian people. Dyementieva will become unnecessary to the curators from Moscow, like most of the collaborators that the Russians leave after their escapes, and the latter is a matter of time.

We remind you that you can report an enemy or a collaborator using the link.

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