Occupiers are bringing Russian Guard to fight the partisans in the TOT

Occupiers created maneuverable Rosguard groups to fight the partisan movement in the temporarily occupied territories of southern Ukraine.

Due to the fact that the occupiers are unable to suppress the pro-Ukrainian sentiments of the majority of the population in the TOT of southern Ukraine, they have to strengthen the police regime in these territories. The Kremlin is unable to find the necessary number of collaborators to the “occupation police”, but the fear of the partisan movement forces it to send more security forces from Russia.

Occupiers created maneuver groups from the special purpose units of the Federal Service of the National Guard of the Russian Federation to enforce the administrative and police regime in the TOT of eastern Ukraine. Their main tasks include:

  • Control of the specified territory;
  • Counteraction to the so-called sabotage groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
  • Suppressing the representatives of the resistance movement;
  • Interaction with units of the Russian Armed Forces and bodies of the occupation administration;
  • Collection of operational information on the ground for further analysis.

Despite these worthless attempts, the occupiers have no chance of defeating the Ukrainian resistance.

In order to speed up the victory of the Defense Forces of Ukraine and the liberation of the territories, report the information you know about the occupiers to our chatbot.

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