Occupiers are holding in cellars the teachers who refused to cooperate with them

Berdiansk volunteer Azat Azatyan, who was held captive by the occupiers for 43 days, told journalists about those who were held next to him as hostages of the occupiers.

Azat was transporting people from the temporarily occupied territories for free until he was detained by the occupiers in Vasylivka. According to him, he was beaten with batons and tortured with electric current all the days in captivity.

The volunteer was kept in the basement of the former city police department on Hretska Street in Berdiansk. He says that the occupiers brought there many civilians, including teachers, who did not agree to cooperate with the occupiers. They are tortured there.

Azat says that the Russians did not even ask him any questions. The Russians tortured him purely for the sake of bullying. According to preliminary estimates, the kidnapping of more than 500 people has been confirmed in the Zaporizhzhia region. Of them, 200 are still held.

The Center of National Resistance calls on residents of TOT to evacuate for the period of the Armed Forces of Ukraine operation to liberate the region.

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