Occupiers are recruiting prisoners convicted by a Ukrainian court

The Russians are trying to recruit prisoners from the temporarily occupied territories of eastern Ukraine, who were convicted even before the formation of the fake “republics”.

As the National Resistance Center learned from underground sources, the occupation administration of the TOT of Donetsk and Luhansk regions ordered local collaborators to provide lists of prisoners who were convicted under Ukrainian legislation and were serving their sentences since 2014 or earlier.

The enemy has already begun to recruit these prisoners to the ranks of the Russian occupation forces, manipulating their feelings of resentment towards the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine. In case of refusal to complete the service, the prisoners are threatened with worse treatment by the prison administrations.

The National Resistance Center emphasizes that forcing Ukrainian citizens to serve in the occupation forces is a violation of international law. Every occupier guilty of crimes against the Ukrainian nation will bear responsibility for his actions. We know about everyone!

You can report an enemy or collaborator using the link.

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