Occupiers began looting school museums on TOT

The Russian occupation administrations got to the funds of school museums and began to remove exhibits related to the history of Ukraine.

It is officially presented as “public monitoring of school museums”, which is allegedly carried out by activists of Putin’s “United Russia” party, together with “indifferent schoolchildren”. However, in reality, the inspection is carried out by collaborators from the occupation administrations under the supervision of an FSB employee.

The main task is to remove Ukrainian symbols and literature, if they still remain, and to create a new museum. Then it can be named, for example, in honor of a native of the region who fought in the Second World War, or served in the NKVD or was an ideological communist figure.

That is, in essence, the occupiers unify all school museums of the south of the TOT, so that they do not differ in any way from the conventional museum of a school somewhere in Barnaul. Thus, it is an element of both propaganda among children and another method of destroying Ukrainian identity in the region.

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