Occupiers cannot cope with the partisans and are preparing for mobilization – review of news from TOT

The occupiers are asking for help in searching for partisans, and are also preparing for mass mobilization. Ukraine’s National Resistance Center has prepared an overview of the main news of the week from the temporarily occupied territories.

Resistance to the occupation

The Ukrainian underground continues to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroy the occupiers, providing the coordinates of their location and equipment storage. More than 10 ammunition depots and the same number of enemy bases were destroyed in just one week.

The Russians are actively trying to find the spotters and, for this purpose, are carrying out filtering activities near the objects that were destroyed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. However, the measures carried out by the enemy in the temporarily occupied territories have no result. So the occupiers created a Telegram bot, in which you can report the location of the Ukrainian underground, which they call “Russophobes and Nazis.” We suggest you help our partisans and spam the occupiers’ bot with “nice messages” from Ukrainians. You can see the bot by link.

Entrepreneurs in the temporarily occupied territories continue to oppose the transition to the ruble. Due to the refusal to completely switch to the currency of the occupiers, the Russians are threatening with fines. In particular, an entrepreneur must pay a fine of 5,000 Russian rubles at the TOT of the Zaporizhia region for non-compliance with the requirements of the Russians. This is if the violation occurs for the first time. The second time – 25 thousand rubles, and then – a ban on work. The hryvnia is still in greater demand.

In general, total opposition to TOT continues despite the results of the pseudo-referendums that the occupiers drew for themselves because they remain an enemy on Ukrainian soil, where every Ukrainian brings our victory closer.

Preparation for mobilization

It is no secret that the Kremlin needed the shock of the annexation of territories, in particular, for the start of “partial mobilization”. Although the gauleiters talk only about volunteer battalions, there are no lines to fight for the enemy in TOT. In fact, the occupiers are already preparing for a full-scale mobilization in the south, and in the Crimea and the East it has been held for a long time. In particular, in Kherson, the enemy conducts round-ups of houses to identify men aged 18 to 35 and draws up mobilization lists.

Also, in the temporarily occupied territories of Zaporizhzhia and Kherson regions, additional forces of the Russian Guard have arrived, and during patrolling the city, they selectively check the military tickets of men of conscription age, which indicates the preparation for total mobilization in these occupied territories.

At the same time, utility companies in Crimea received a mobilization plan, which they must implement. Those who do not have military experience are registered as volunteers.

In the east, cases of mobilization of patients of centers for the fight against drug addiction have been recorded, because in the region mobilization began with the beginning of a full-scale invasion and there is currently a shortage of male population. The Russians also began a “partial mobilization” in the temporarily occupied Starobilsk and Kreminna districts (Luhansk region), which were captured already after the start of the full-scale invasion. Considering the situation at the front, the Russians are in a hurry to replenish their own army with “human resources”. In particular, in the Starobil district, Russians, together with the military commissars, go around the yards and distribute summons en masse. The situation is the same in Kreminna.

Note that the Russians send Ukrainians to the front without proper training and ammunition, because the enemy benefits from our death regardless of which side we fight for, because it breaks the mental ties between the regions.

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