Occupiers changed their legislation to combat the underground

The Russian State Duma passed a law on life imprisonment for “facilitating subversive activities.”

The law provides punishment for “inciting, recruiting or involving a person” to carry out sabotage, arming or training others for this purpose, as well as financing sabotage.

The Criminal Code also provides punishment for “aiding” sabotage, creating a “subversive community” and “training for the purpose of carrying out subversive activities.”

Note that the Russians call any partisan resistance to the occupation precisely sabotage, and the law was adopted precisely to fight against the population of temporarily occupied territories, because it allows everyone who is not loyal to the occupiers to be accused of “supporting saboteurs.” In fact, this is another brick for building a repressive machine on TOT.

Therefore, the National Resistance Center calls on local residents to leave the region until the release of the Armed Forces.

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