Occupiers continue to rob Ukrainian farmers on TOT

In the temporarily occupied territories, Russians continue to implement a corrupt scheme of the sale of Ukrainian farmers’ grain.

So, all the farmers of the captured regions have to give wheat grain to the enemy at a fixed price, which is many times lower than the market price. In particular, grain of a higher grade is taken from 9,000 rubles (3,600 UAH) per ton, and of a lower grade 6,300 rubles (2,560 thousand UAH). Note that the average price of fodder grain (lower grade) in Ukraine is currently UAH 5,000 per ton.

At the same time, the above-mentioned prices per ton for TOT work only if the farmer has a Russian business registration. However, most farmers have either left the region or have not registered their businesses under Russian law.

Therefore, the latter are forced to sell their grain on the “black market” for 4,500-5,000 rubles per ton to speculators, who then hand it over to the occupational administration. That is, there is a scheme in which the middleman buys grain for nothing and sells it to the occupiers at a higher price, and they sell it on.

At the same time, the occupying sole grain operator also sells grain not much more expensive than it bought to “necessary firms” from the orbit of collaborators. And they already sell the grain further at world prices and the difference settles in the pockets of gauleiters.

Therefore, the enemy actually takes grain from Ukrainian farmers for nothing, and at the same time uses this situation to force farm owners to re-register their businesses.

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