Occupiers continue to take migrants to the TOT of Donetsk region

The number of wage earners from Central Asia and the North Caucasus is growing in the temporarily occupied territories of the Donetsk region.

First of all, this concerns the south of the region, in particular, the temporarily occupied Mariupol, where more than 30,000 migrants already live. These migrants are willing to work on construction projects sponsored by the occupation administration for low wages. At the same time, the level of unemployment among local residents is increasing, and has already reached 50% in some areas of TOT of Donetsk region.

In this way, the occupation administration implements a policy of changing the demographic composition of the temporarily occupied territories, where local residents are forced to leave due to unemployment and a humanitarian disaster, and migrants loyal to the Russian Federation are brought in instead.

The National Resistance Center emphasizes that everyone who pursues a policy of genocide against the Ukrainian nation will be punished for it. In order for no one to avoid responsibility, we encourage you to report collaborators and enemies using the link.

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