Occupiers decided to “squeeze” the premises of all banking institutions on TOT

The occupiers plan to open branches of the single bank “Promsvyazbank” in all premises of all banks operating in the temporarily occupied territories.

Note that the latter is under sanctions and disconnected from the SWIFT international payment system. That is, the bank is essentially a dummy structure and is in isolation, intended only to simulate the banking system on the TOT.

At the same time, the Russians plan to ban the circulation of the hryvnia from January 1 and are currently withdrawing the payment terminals of real banks from business. Thus, from 2023, the region will go into the past, where the modern banking system will not function.

Instead, there should be a levy system that will meet the needs of the Russian army, because it is “Promsvyazbank” of the Russian Federation that carries out operations to equip its army. That is, the occupiers are deliberately turning the entire region into a bank that serves the military industry.

The National Resistance Center urges residents of temporarily occupied regions to leave the region or ignore transactions in the occupiers’ bank.

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