Occupiers force the residents of Mariupol to construct the fortifications in the Kherson region

The Russians are recruiting residents of the temporarily occupied Mariupol to build fortifications in the Kherson region.

First, the Russians destroyed Mariupol, and now they are offering the residents of the city a “job”, namely to build fortifications on the left bank of the Kherson Region. In fact, having created a humanitarian crisis in the city, the enemy is now “hiring” residents to work for food.

But in addition to such “hiring”, budgetary organizations must also fulfill the “norm” and provide a certain number of employees for such work. That is, it is also about the forced involvement of city residents for the needs of the occupier.

It should be noted that the involvement of the population of temporarily occupied territories for work related to military operations is a crime according to the Geneva Convention. Therefore, the enemy once again violates international law.

Ukraine’s National Resistance Center calls on the residents of TOT to leave the region until it is released by the Armed Forces and not to cooperate with the occupier.

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