Occupiers gave an ultimatum to the Luhansk Gauleiters

The occupiers gave the Gauleiter of the temporarily occupied territories of Luhansk region an ultimatum: either the Russian Federation will withdraw to the administrative borders of the region by April 1, or there will be “personnel decisions.”

The cause of dissatisfaction is the failure of the mobilization and logistical support of the enemy’s army in this direction. The Kremlin blames the collaborators for the failures.

It should be noted that in order to satisfy Moscow and keep their seats, the collaborators started a new wave of mobilization in the region.

We have a typical history of traitors who will always be extreme and will be the first to be sacrificed by Russians dissatisfied with the war. It is worth noting that after the release, traitors are no longer needed and usually repeat the fate of Streymousov.

The National Resistance Center reminds you that if you or someone you know has been forcibly mobilized to the TOT, contact the hotline of the “I want to live” project: +38 066 580 34 98 and +38 093 119 29 84. We also call on internally displaced persons and residents of frontline areas, who has relatives on TOT, share this information. It is not too late to surrender to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and not commit war crimes.

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