Occupiers offer money for information about the partisans

The Russians promise a reward for information about the partisans, but instead of payments they detain “informants.”

The Russian occupying forces cannot cope with the underground and are trying to bribe the civilian population. Having created a humanitarian crisis in the temporarily occupied territories, the Russians are trying to interest the local population with funds. The occupiers promise money for information about partisans, or about informants and administrators of patriotic communities in social networks. We are talking about amounts from several thousand Russian rubles. The Russians have crazy problems with tracking the underground, and the Moscow leadership demands results in the form of detained partisans.

Therefore, often, the so-called monetary rewards turn into the detention of “informants” who come allegedly with information about the partisans. After all, the occupiers cannot find our underground, so they detain civilians.

The National Resistance Center calls on TOT residents to be cautious and not to act on the provocations of the occupiers. The Russians are not paying any money, but are using the humanitarian crisis to create a picture for propaganda, where local people are allegedly reporting on the underground.

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