Russians continue the policy of genocide in the temporarily occupied territories aimed at kidnapping Ukrainian children.

So, in Horlivka (the temporarily occupied city of Donetsk region), the russians plan to withdraw all students at the end of the school year, under the pretext of evacuation. Of course, parents will have to go with their children.

This is done in order to take Ukrainians to russia and continue to assimilate them and destroy children’s Ukrainian identity. All this is a sign of genocide in accordance with the norms of international law.

Recall that the occupiers reported on the creation in the Kherson region of the coordinating council “Movement of the First ,” which is responsible for the ideological treatment of schoolchildren. The council of the pseudo-volunteer movement, which was created in the Kremlin, was presented in genichesk by the occupation minister of education sergey kravtsov. The movement is responsible for propaganda activities, the organization of extras and even forms a system of denunciations of parents.

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