Occupiers plan to introduce a “walking regime” at the checkpoint in Vasylivka

The occupiers are blocking the exit from the temporarily occupied territories to the territories under the control of the Government of Ukraine.

Until October, Ukrainians were leaving the TOT in a standing order, passing checks at checkpoints. At that time, on average, about 2,000 people left per day. However, the Russians then issued exit passes, which are actually exit permits. Since then, the number of people allowed to leave the region has decreased many times. And if in October this figure was about 800 people per week, then in November the Russians released that many in a month. In December, the occupiers closed the checkpoint.

On January 15, the Russians decided to unblock the checkpoint, but only on foot. That is, the crossing by transport will be prohibited. Therefore, the occupiers will actually continue to prevent people from leaving the free territories, and instead carry out forced “evacuation” to the Russian Federation.

In this way, the enemy turns TOT into an open-air prison, where the only possibility to leave the region is deportation to the Russian Federation.

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