Occupiers promise to issue driver’s licenses under a simplified program to Russian passport holders

In the temporarily occupied territories of the south, fake state inspectorates are campaigning for the issuance of Russian passports in exchange for driver’s licenses.

Yes, the traffic police promise to issue licenses according to a simplified procedure, upon receipt of the enemy’s passport. In fact, the occupiers promise the entire package of “documents” for red wastepaper.

Also, the occupiers are bypassing high school students, where they also offer to issue a driver’s license at the age of 18 with a “simplified surrender” at the age of 17, provided they have an enemy’s passport. That is, the enemy is ready to issue rights without experience just to fulfill the plan for passporting.

We remind you that in the temporarily occupied territories of the Kherson police are conducting raids on villages in search of those who refuse to take the enemy’s wastepaper. During the period of arrival of “law enforcement officers” in the village, the local population movement is restricted.

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