occupiers raid basements and garages at TOT

The Russians are trying to find partisans in the temporarily occupied territories.

Due to active underground work at TOT, the occupiers continue their unsuccessful raids in search of partisans. Houses are searched, focusing on basements, storerooms and garages. If the garages are in cooperatives, the Russians demand the presence of their owners. During the inspection, they try to find out something about the underground and establish whether the property owners are involved in partisan activities.

Therefore, the Center of National Resistance calls for caution and to leave the region if possible. We also remind you that the center’s website has instructions on cleaning the phone and behavior during arrest.

Also, clear your browser history and unsubscribe from Ukrainian Telegram channels before going out. You can save links to verified news resources as a QR code.

How to disable the saving of search history in Chrome or Edge: a minute solution.

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