Occupiers take Ukrainian teenagers to military camps in Russia

The enemy continues to engage in military education of Ukrainian teenagers in order to further recruit them into the ranks of its army.

Yes. From August 1 to August 18, military-patriotic meetings with the participation of Ukrainian teenagers in the camp “Guards” are held in Penga (Russia). The occupiers took teenagers from the temporarily occupied territories there.

Children were brought from the following settlements: Mariupol, Kirovske, Yenakiieve, Horlivka, Shakhtarsk, Makiivka, Donetsk. In the camps, children receive trainings, excursions to propaganda museums and concerts of propagandist Oleg Gazmanov.

Thus, the enemy continues the policy of destroying an entire generation of Ukrainians, brainwashing children and trying to recruit them to war against their homeland.

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