Occupiers try to “legitimize” looting in Donetsk region

The occupation administration of the captured districts of Donetsk region announced the creation of a “notary chamber”, but these notaries have no legal force.

In fact, the occupiers need an imitation of the legal field in order to legalize the looting of abandoned houses, the inhabitants of which left due to hostilities and the subsequent occupation of the region of the Russian Federation.

Also, “notaries” are needed to increase the pace of passporting, because new documents regarding legal ownership will be registered only with a Russian passport, and without a document, the owner’s property can be declared “ownerless” and then taken away.

The National Resistance Center notes that any visions from such “notaries” and any documents of the occupiers are legally void and will never be recognized. All “notaries” are by law robbers and will be held responsible after the de-occupation of the region.

It will be recalled that earlier the Russians created a “notary chamber” in the captured areas of the Zaporizhzhia region.

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