Partisans destroyed the headquarters of the occupiers in Nova Kakhovka

On August 29 at 21:00, representatives of the partisan movement “ATESH” blew up the campaign headquarters of Putin’s “United Russia” party in Nova Kakhovka.

The headquarters is located at 14 Pershotravneva Street. During the successful operation, 3 servicemen of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation who were responsible for the protection of this “civilian object” were killed.

As a result of the fire caused by the explosion, all the documentation that the occupiers brought to the “elections” scheduled for September 8-10 was burned.

It should be noted that collaborators appointed by the Russian army work in the headquarters, and they carry out their work under the supervision of the occupiers. The main goal of the headquarters is to “legalize the occupation” and propagandistic imitation of the “election process”.

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