Resistance to propaganda. How Russians create a cult of lies

Russian propaganda is a cult of lies, which is built on emotions and does not like facts. Ukraine’s National Resistance Center analyzed the main theses of the enemy’s lies in a week.

For years, the Kremlin created the myth of the national war, which grew into the main idea of ​​the existence of the Russian Federation. Moscow is selling a “holy war” to its own people in order to achieve its own goals.

Precisely in order to start a war, the Kremlin needs an army of propagandists who spread lies to the world, proving to the average Russian that the war was necessary. Propaganda itself is built on emotions, where facts take a secondary place.

Russian propaganda formulated the main dogmas:

  • The USSR defeated fascism and Nazism, and thus saved the world
  • Russia is the legal successor of the USSR
  • Russia, as the successor of the victorious country, is God’s chosen nation
  • everyone who was in the USSR should love Russia, the Russian language, miss the times of the USSR, be together with Russia forever, because they are connected by a common victory over Nazism
  • whoever does not love is a Nazi, evil and so on
  • all those who chose not Russia but, for example, the EU, were influenced by the collective West
  • the historical role of Russia is to defeat this West, and to knock these stupid thoughts about the EU and NATO out of the heads of younger brotherly nations
  • all methods are good for eliminating evil, because the goodness of the Russian Federation is not in doubt, because Russians are “God’s chosen”.


In such a paradigm there is no place for facts. Emotions are most important, which are part of the structure of such judgments. Therefore, in the world of Kremlin lies, it was Ukraine that “attacked” the Russian Federation, because it denied the right of the Russian Federation to expand its territories. Therefore, now there is a “world war”, because the world supported Ukraine, instead of gratitude to Moscow.

Currently, propaganda has turned a “special military operation” into a “defensive war”, where Ukraine has already attacked the Russian Federation, and it has to defend itself. Collaborators and others do not talk about a full-scale invasion, because the Russian Federation was supposedly always here until Ukraine attacked.

Ukraine attacked Russia

Yes, last week was the anniversary of the death of the Russian terrorist Arsen Pavlov (“Motorola”). Collaborators honestly wrote that if it were not for him, this war would not have happened.

Today, during the period of grandiose battles, Motorola is unfortunately not in our ranks. But his great merit is that these times have come

But in their interpretation, the Russian went to Donbas for some reason, because they simply wanted to destroy the latter region. Although in reality it was Russians like Pavlov who were among those who led the Russian-collaborative formations, which ignited the war in 2014, and which became a prerequisite for the further invasion of the Russian Federation in 2022. During which Russia wiped Mariupol, Volnovakha, Lysychansk, Severodonetsk from the face of the earth and now continues to destroy Bakhmut.

By the way, about the destroyed cities. Collaborators promise to pay compensation to residents who lost their homes due to “crimes of Ukraine”.

We will pay out more than 14 million rubles to residents who have lost their homes and property due to the criminal actions of Ukraine

Yes, the list includes Volnovasky district and Mariupol, which the Russians destroyed from the beginning of the full-scale invasion. Especially cynical is the mention of Mariupol, which was under blockade and the Russians carried out so-called “carpet bombing” of the city.

However, the Russians generally avoid the topic of the blockade of Mariupol. Thus, the Kherson collaborators talk about the signs in Kakhovka, as during the “blockade of Leningrad”.

Citizens! During shelling, this side of the street is the most dangerous

The main thing in this is not even that the Russians “forgot” the blockade of Mariupol. And the fact that “no one thought that this would happen again”. Confident residents of Novaya Kakhovka didn’t even think about it until February 24, because they didn’t have such plates before the Russian invasion.

In general, Russians appeal to emotions, call Ukrainians “fascists”, “junta” and other negative words. Here is a Russian deputy in the Kherson region talking about the “Kyiv regime” that came after the coup in 2014 and kills peaceful residents of the region.

This is how the Kyiv regime that came to power as a result of a coup d’état

But, for some reason, the “regime” in Kyiv changed in 2019, and in Moscow, “not the regime” has been ruling the country for 20 years. The “Kyiv regime” is elected in elections under the supervision of observers from all over the world, while the “non-regime” conducts puppet elections and “referendums” under the butts of machine guns.

And most importantly, why did the “regime” start killing the civilian population of the Kherson region only after the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, although it had the opportunity to do so for 8 years? The visiting tourist did not answer these questions.

And finally in this section. Russian gauleiters agree that night bombing and drone attacks to destroy civilian infrastructure are Nazism and terrorist tactics.

Ordinary Nazism. What else to call the shelling of a sleeping city, the city of a peaceful atom?

According to the military, most of the methods used by Ukraine today are not characteristic of armies, but of terrorist formations.

But for some reason, they use as an example the attack on the occupation administration in Enerhodar, which is a legitimate military object, and they also show some unknown drone in Melitopol.

World War

At the same time, Russian propaganda tries to convince its victims that in Ukraine the Russian army will lose not to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but to the whole world. However Russians have difficulty with evidence, because the supply of weapons to a defending country recognized by the UN is not prohibited.

The graves of the “mercenaries” allegedly found in the Luhansk region are shown as proof of the participation of the “Western countries”.

Relatively fresh graves of foreign mercenaries found near Lysychansk. At the same time, in neighboring settlements, the Poles were simply burned

The occupiers pay the main attention to the quality of the graves and these are the people who do not bury their fallen soldiers and do not recognize their deaths. We will not even comment on the fact that their “names” are written in Russian. But the question of why “Poles were burned” is an open question. However, we note that there are currently no reports from the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs about missing citizens of this country on the territory of Ukraine.


While propaganda talks about a war with the whole world and the Nazis, reality dictates other conditions to the Kremlin – in particular, the unenviable position of the aggressor’s army in the south. This situation very well demonstrates the role of collaborators in the process of “managing” territories.

At first, Yevgeny Balytskyi, the chief gauleiter of the occupied regions of the Zaporizhzhia region, and the “talking head” of the Kherson region, Kirill Streymousov, said that there would be no evacuation, and that the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was a “fake of Ukrainian propaganda.”

There can be no talk of any evacuation from the Zaporizhzhia region

The useless victims of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are a continuation of Zelensky’s show, because the announced victory of the Ukronazis will not and cannot be.

But already on October 19, the Russians announced the evacuation, and the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine no longer became “nonsense” and “fake”. Why? Because these characters do not make any decisions, but only read the Kremlin’s dungeons.

Meanwhile, on the night of October 21, Ukrainian troops struck the remains of the bridge across the Dnipro in Kherson. Immediately FSB officer Serhii Eliseev, who holds the position of the head of the “government of the Kherson region”, spoke about the “civilian crossing”, which for some reason was opened at night due to the “large influx”.

Chairman of the Government of the Kherson region Sergey Eliseev urgently arrived at the site of a rocket attack on a civilian crossing near the Antonovsky bridge

In particular, we were informed about the dead, but we were not shown the broken column of civilians. It is known that Oleg Klokov, whom the Russians call a journalist who came to help the local TV channel “Tavria”, died.

Klokov really worked as a journalist for Russia Today and other federal channels. But at the same time, Klokov served in the army of the Russian Federation and during the attack was riding with a column of occupation troops. He came to the TV channel on a “business trip” to create another propaganda outlet on the basis of the Russian-captured Suspilne.Kherson TV channel, whose journalists refused to cooperate with the occupiers.


However, not a single war. The Kremlin is trying to convince, first of all, the Russians themselves that with the occupation, the “liberated territories” began to live better. Yes, in the Kherson region, the locals are fed Putin’s promises.

Vladimir Putin instructed to build several thousand kilometers of new roads in the country by the end of this decade

In 10 years, the leader of the occupiers promised to build thousands of km of roads. Well, first of all, for such a country, this is a small amount for 10 years. Secondly, promises are good because you don’t have to keep them if you are a leader in a totalitarian country.

But in Zaporizhzhia, they are proud of “real results”.

Overhaul of the road to the Crimea has begun

So, 17 km of asphalt was cut on the Melitopol – Dzhankoy highway. At the same time, they promise to repair 120 km with an average repair (that is, not a major repair, but simply to replace the top layer of asphalt). They also emphasize that the roads in the region have not been repaired for ten years.

It is quite surprising, because the current gauleiter of the occupied regions, Balytskyi, was a member of the ruling coalition in the Ukrainian Parliament and could receive subventions for road repairs. But in reality, he is simply lying, because in 2021 alone, 280 km of roads were repaired in the Zaporizhia region, that is, more than twice as much as promised by the occupiers.

Meanwhile, in Melitopol, local authorities are proud of the fact that they started painting pedestrian crossings yellow, which is the “high” Russian standards of road markings that increase the safety of pedestrians.

Now pedestrian crossings in Melitopol will be white and yellow

While in Ukraine everything is going according to the European rules for the improvement of transitions, which provide for the creation of “safety islands” and raising the level of the transitions themselves, in order to make them inclusive, in the Russian Federation they are painted yellow.


Russians also actively exploit children in propaganda, because they evoke the emotion of joy. So, in Melitopol, children were given an exhibition of candy wrappers.

Of course, they are talking about the image of “Alyonka” and other classic Russian sweets.

Russians also display photos of happy children who are taken to children’s camps in the Russian Federation.

The fact that any child during the war would be happy to leave the war zone, as well as the fact that it was the Russian Federation that started the war, is not noted. Using the image of a happy child should show Russia in a positive light.

If the children left for free Ukraine, then Russian propaganda creates for them the image of “future Nazis” who were forced into “Nazi camps”.

How universal Russophobic soldiers are trained in Ukraine. By order of the Minister of Science and Education of Ukraine, the military-patriotic game is forcibly held throughout the country for children from 6 years old

There is indeed such a game in Ukraine, but it is not at all mandatory and there is no scale of such a Russian “youth army”. We also draw your attention to the fact that propagandists are convinced that Ukraine bombed a school in Komyshuvakha during the retreat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. That is, it was not the Russians who destroyed the Ukrainian school during the storming of the settlement, but the Ukrainian army blew up their school just like that.

Expect a new digest of Russian propaganda on the website of Ukraine’s National Resistance Center on October 30.

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