Russia plans to use coastal defense missile systems to attack Ukrainian cities

According to the underground, a division of the “Bal” missile complex has been relocated to the Bryansk region of the Russian Federation.

This is part of the 11th separate coastal missile and artillery brigade of the coastal forces of the Black Sea Fleet, located in Utash, Krasnodar Krai (region). The main purpose of this brigade is to destroy ships. However, due to the lack of suitable missiles, the “Bal” was equaled in terms of range and the ability to fire at land targets with the “Bastion” anti-aircraft missile defense system, which uses the “Onyx” supersonic missile.

For this, the complex is equipped with Kh-35/35U missiles, which after modernization in 2021 provided new capabilities. Namely, they increased the range from 260 to 500 km.

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