Russian and Belarusian special services plan to conduct an operation “under a foreign flag” on the territory of Belarus

Agreements were reached between the FSB of the Russian Federation and the KGB of the Republic of Belarus to carry out an operation “under a foreign flag” against one of the objects on the territory of Belarus, with the subsequent accusation of the Ukrainians.

At the moment, the BRESTOBLNEFTPRODUKT oil depot near the settlement of Pryluky in the Brest Region, which is not far (2 km) from the Belarusian-Polish border, is being considered as the object of the terrorist attack.

It is planned to drop a munition from a UAV. According to information from the Belarusian underground, aerial reconnaissance of probable objects was already conducted by the PMC Wagner in August of this year.

Note that the Defense Forces of Ukraine operate exclusively on the territory of Ukraine. This provocation is necessary for the Russians to reduce the level of support for our state.

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