Russian military began to loot more actively in TOT of the Kherson region

The occupiers steal cars belonging to civilians in the temporarily occupied territory of the Kherson region.

There is panic among the occupiers because of the successful actions of the Defense Forces of Ukraine. Plans to escape from temporarily occupied settlements are increasingly being discussed among the Russian soldiers. Therefore, recently more and more cases of personal cars thefts and looting have been recorded. The theft of cars was recorded by the local underground from the Kherson region. In particular, in Chaplinka, Zaliznyi Port, Mali Kopany and other towns and villages.

In cases where locals try to defend their property, the Russian military open fire on them. The other day, a woman was killed in the village of Olghino.

The Center of National Resistance has received lists of Russian military personnel who are looting the TOT. Every occupier will be punished for his crimes.

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