Russian military can safely surrender to a drone

An instruction has been developed according to which the Russian military can safely surrender to a Ukrainian quadcopter.

For the voluntary surrender of Russian soldiers who decided not to participate in the criminal military campaign of their leadership, it is necessary to contact the “I want to live” project (#688 from the territory of Ukraine) and receive instructions and coordinates.

It is important to arrive at the indicated point on time, and wait for the appearance of the quadcopter, after which raise your hands. Then the drone will safely guide you to Ukrainian positions. If the drone discharges during movement, then the prisoner of war must wait for a new one and continue moving after the newly arrived quadrocopter.

When surrendering, Ukraine guarantees compliance with the Geneva Convention on the Conditions of Treatment of Prisoners of War.

This instruction will help save the lives of those Russians who do not want to die for the mythical and crazy goals of the Kremlin and Vladimir Putin.

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