Russians are preparing a mass deportation of the population of a number of settlements on the TOT

The occupiers are preparing to hold the so-called evacuation of a number of settlements in the temporarily occupied territories.

The enemy is preparing for the forced evacuation of residents of the city of Vasylivka and nearby settlements of the Vasylivka district of the Zaporizhzhya region. Similar actions are taking place in the left-bank Kherson region, where they are preparing for the “evacuation” of residents of Kakhovka and Nova Kakhovka.

It should be noted that in order to create the basis for the “evacuation”, the Russians first stop the work of social institutions and increase the shelling in order to make the life of the locals unbearable. After that, first a voluntary and then a forced “evacuation” is announced.

At the same time, the enemy closed the exit from the TOT to the territories under the control of Ukraine, because it does not really care about the lives of the locals. “Evacuation” is needed only to create a propaganda picture and further deport Ukrainians for their assimilation in the Russian Federation.

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