Russians are preparing a provocation at the Kursk NPP

The occupiers are planning a provocation at the Kursk Nuclear Power Plant and are preparing to evacuate the local population.

According to the underground, preparations for evacuation from the zone of possible radioactive contamination in the event of an accident at the nuclear power plant are underway in the Kursk region. For this, local authorities were tasked with creating a transport register. The relevant documents came into the possession of the National Resistance Center.

In total, 21,000 to 57,000 people are planned to be evacuated, despite the fact that the population of the region is more than 1 million people, and Kursk itself is 435,000. That is, it is about 5% of the population of the regions, which indicates that those on the list were “selected”.

In particular, people are planned to be transported from Kursk and its surroundings to the north of the region to the following settlements:

  • Zheleznogorsk;
  • Bolshoe Soldatskoe;
  • Goldfish;
  • Horshechnoye

Note that the Defense Forces of Ukraine operate exclusively on the territory of Ukraine and do not plan any attacks on nuclear power plants. This provocation is necessary for the Russians themselves to divert the world’s attention from the seizure of the ZNPP.

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