Russians are preparing provocations in Kherson

The occupiers are preparing provocations in temporarily occupied Kherson to accuse the Armed Forces of Ukraine of war crimes.

The Russians announced an “evacuation” to the left bank for residents of the temporarily occupied regions of the right-bank Kherson region. At the same time, the collaborators themselves take their families to Crimea. The reason is the unfavorable situation at the front for the enemy’s army.

At the same time, the Russians warn of alleged planned war crimes by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which is hostile propaganda that tries to distract Russians from the failure of the Russian army. After all, the Russian army is not interested in saving the lives of local people, instead, it uses a crowd of people for provocations and “human shields”.

Considering the situation, we call on the residents of the temporarily occupied Kherson region to remain vigilant and, if possible, leave the region and go to the controlled territory of Ukraine.

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