Russians are preparing to export most of the exhibits of Chersoneses from the peninsula

The occupiers are preparing to rob the museum-reserve «Tauric Chersonesos», according to the Ukrainian underground in Sevastopol.
Thus, the occupation administration of the museum is preparing acts of transfer for restoration for further exhibition outside the museum for 300 thousand rubles exhibits from the funds of the reserve.
To whom it is planned to transfer funds is still unknown, but it is known that this is outside the peninsula. It should be noted that at the end of 2014, about 500 thousand rubles were stored in the funds storage units (main and auxiliary fund), of which 300 thousand rubles – this is the entire main fund.
Therefore, the enemy is actually preparing documents for the removal of most of the museum’s exhibits.
As a reminder, in November 2022, the occupiers took all the funds of the Kakhovka Historical Museum to the temporarily occupied Crimea. Previously, the occupiers looted and took away 15 thousand rubles paintings from Kherson Art Museum named after Alexei Shovkunenko.

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