Russians began to carry out “passportization” by place of residence

The occupiers fail the specified pace of passportization and resort to new methods of coercion.

Thus, in the temporarily occupied areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, the occupiers began to carry out “passportization” at the place of residence of pensioners. In fact, this is an element of pressure on socially vulnerable sections of the population that depend on the occupation administration. 300 “volunteers” arrived from the Russian Federation and formed “mobile groups” to visit pensioners.

Also, in Donetsk region, occupiers set up passport issuing points at hospitals, because people without a passport are denied medical care. In this way, the occupiers violate the Geneva Convention.

National Resistance Center advises TOT residents to sabotage obtaining a passport: to apply for a passport, but not to come for its issuance. Enter incorrect data when applying.

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