Russians bring officials from Novosibirsk to form occupation administrations on the TOT

The Russians have a shortage of traitors in the temporarily occupied territories, so they are forced to transport their officials to create administrations.

So, to create an occupation authority in the town of Bilovodsk (Luhansk region), the Russians took 15 officials from Novosibirsk. Now these people have to imitate the “people’s power” and glorify the occupation on behalf of the community and set up a repressive machine in the settlement.

It should be noted that earlier the enemy forcibly took about 30 residents of Bilovodsk to Luhansk. All of them are suspected of “supporting the Armed Forces.” This is a revealing moment of the enemy’s policy on the TOT, when the local population is deported, and Russians are brought to leadership positions.

The  National Resistance Center calls on the local population to leave the TOT until the liberation of the region of the Armed Forces.

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