Russians carry out forced passporting in Donetsk region

In the temporarily occupied territories of the Donetsk region, the Russians began to carry out forced passporting among employees of state and communal enterprises.
Yes, all employees were informed that they should receive a Russian passport by March 1. Otherwise, they will be fired.

At the same time, workers must not only obtain an enemy’s passport in order to remain at their workplace, but also write a statement renouncing Ukrainian citizenship. The latter is indicative, because dual citizenship is allowed in the Russian Federation. That is, renunciation of citizenship is necessary for Russians precisely for propaganda purposes and in order to “reinforce” their rights in the region by changing its demographic composition.

Note that the enemy is currently actively mobilizing on the TOT, and it is the Russian “waste paper” (passport) that is the basis for sending them to the front. The Center of National Resistance urges people not to cooperate with the enemy and to leave the region if possible.

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