Russians continue to bring their teachers to temporarily occupied territories

The occupiers continue to look for opportunities to simulate the “educational process” in the occupied territories.

The majority of the population left the region due to the military aggression of the Russian Federation, and those who remain have no desire to give their children to the propagandists. It is no secret that the goal of Russian schools is the Russification of Ukrainian children, because no one recognizes the documents of these schools.

Yes, the Kremlin sent a new batch of Russian “teachers” to Luhansk region. It is about 106 teachers who will work in the regions of Luhansk region captured after February 24.

We will remind you that over the past week, the number of families with children who left the temporarily occupied territories for free Ukraine has significantly increased. So, over the past week, on average, 500 children and their parents have been leaving through checkpoints for half a day a day. The reason is the onset of the “school year” and the lack of prospects for temporarily occupied territories.

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