Russians continue to conduct disinformation campaigns in the TOT

The occupiers continue to actively conduct anti-Ukrainian information campaigns on the Internet. The National Resistance Center summarized the main narratives of hostile propaganda.

So, over the past month, the main thesis – “Only the victory over Nazism in Ukraine can allow russia to guarantee security, restore stability in the EU.” Along with this, there were other theses and narratives with which the russians tried primarily to influence the internal target audience, which does not quite like to check the information that russian propagandists give on a silver platter. In particular:

“the visit of the NATO Secretary General to Kyiv testifies to the intention of the North Atlantic Alliance to continue the process of Ukraine’s integration into the Western world, which indicates the correctness of the decision to start the “Special Military Operation”;
“the criminal actions of Kyiv confirm the need to continue the “SMO” to perform all its tasks”;
“Ukraine has forever lost territories that previously self-determined”;
“The visit of the president of the russian federation to the “LNR” Kherson region – a demonstration of confidence of the russian federation in their actions”;
“the Kremlin pays special attention to military personnel performing tasks” SMO, “providing them with guarantees and social support”;
In addition, in order to stop the fighting and the desire of the occupiers to gain time to regroup their troops, the russian side spread the following narratives:

“the need to create conditions for negotiations;
“Western countries cannot mediate in the negotiation process”;
“China’s peace plan as a new alternative to resolving the crisis issue in Ukraine”;
“The collective West is waging war against russia”;
“the futility of Western attempts to isolate russia from foreign policy”
Despite the tone of fakes and disinformation that russian propaganda spreads online, the National Resistance Center urges Ukrainians to read only verified and official sources. We also remind you that every week on the site there is an overview of russian lies.

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